Should I get a second Golden Retriever Puppy

Get second Golden Retriever Puppy

Get second Golden Retriever Puppy

This is a resounding yes. Golden retriever puppies are companion dogs, and having another Golden retriever puppies to play and run around makes them happy. If you are contemplating having a Golden retriever puppy for your first pet, you shouldt consider getting two Golden retriever puppies  from the same litter rather than one. It may seem like a handful at first but if you can handle it, it is better to have two Golden retriever puppies rather than one. Here are some reasons why Golden retriever puppies do better in pairs.


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When you already have a male Golden retriever puppy,  you may wonder if getting another male is a great idea. Your worries are not unfounded as most of the time males may exhibit dominance issues. However, not all male Golden retriever puppies act this way. Two male Golden retriever puppies can live together if you establish early on and continuously that you are the boss.

Whether you have an existing male Golden retriever puppy and you get another male or if you get the two males at the same time, the rules remain the same. You’re the pack leader, this will help to discourage any dominance issues that may threaten to occur.

It is important to note that some females could also be this way. It is not common but it is not rare. Whichever your unique case may be, please ensure that you speak to your vet about your decision to get another Golden retriever puppy. This is so that any harmful behavioral tendencies may be corrected. A properly trained and well socialized dog should have no problem with either gender.

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